Figure S1. A-C. Normalised global field power (GFP) and residual variance (R.V.) curves of LEP data in Stage 1(B), Stage 2 (C), and Stage 3 (D). Stage 1 curves stand for original grand average LEP data obtained by averaging all subjects and all types of sound samples. The residual variance curve shows variance explained by one source dipole located approximately in the medial frontal cortex (Fig. 1A). Stage 2 curves refer to evoked potentials remaining after removing the contributions of the medial frontal source dipole. The residual variance curve in Stage 2 depicts variance explained by four source dipoles shown in Fig. 1B. Stage 3 data correspond to LEP data obtained after removing the contributions of four source dipoles, obtained in Stage 2, from grand average LEP data. D. Grand average global field power (GFP) of original LEPs in each of three emotional sound conditions.


Figure S2. Anatomical locations of equivalent source dipoles in select views of anatomical MR images of BESA 5.2. template.


Discussion S1. Discussion of the role of medial temporal cortex in pain processing, and additional details on source dipole model.

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