• male;
  • man/men;
  • gender;
  • masculinity;
  • content analysis

This article is a content analysis of the Journal of Counseling & Development (JCD) and the Counselor Education and Supervision (CES) journal over the time frame 1981–2011. The intent of this analysis was to assess what was published in the counseling literature on men's issues. These two journals serve in prominent positions in the development of counseling as a profession. JCD is considered the flagship journal publication for the profession, and CES serves as the research guide and repository for the development of counselor educators and students. A qualitative analysis of articles in these journals was conducted to determine emergent themes and trends in publications in the counseling literature focused specifically on men's issues in counseling. Recommendations are presented for counselors and counselor education programs related to recruitment and retention of men in counseling. The key search words focused on masculinity, male, men, man, boys, gender, gay, sex roles, and other words that the literature search exposed.