The 25th Volume: Did You See the Latest?


The Journal of Andrology is now completing its second year online, and the shift to electronic access has been a successful ongoing venture for the American Society of Andrology. The Society wisely chose to facilitate desktop availability of the Journal, selecting HighWire as its electronic publisher. The availability of electronic publication is an important factor for the continued visibility of our Journal. If you have not done so already, directing your Web browser to the URL,, will bring the Journal's content to your screen in a few mouse clicks. Many readers have become accustomed to reading and printing out each issue's content from their desktop computers. Some of you have even activated “ETOC,” the free electronic table of contents feature that automatically provides an early notice of each Journal issue by e-mail. The URL for ETOC is http:www.andrologyjournal.orgsubscriptionsetoc.shtml.

Typically, each online issue of the Journal is posted 2 weeks before the paper version arrives in the mail. Therefore, the online era brings not only increased convenience but also greater speed. Within the Journal's editorial office, we have also increased our use of electronic communication to speed transport of manuscripts to reviewers, allowing an efficient review process and making submission of articles to the Journal of Andrology more attractive. The editors are committed to further enhancement of the Journal's impact within the andrology community and beyond. Rapid publication of accepted manuscripts, complete electronic archiving through the first volume, and key-word tracking by e-mail are just a few of the extra services readers may see in the years ahead. We will keep you posted.