ABSTRACT: As you are reading this issue, you should be making plans to attend the American Society of Andrology's 29th Annual Meeting to be held in Baltimore, Md, from April 17 to April 20, 2004. This is a great event to learn as well as to mix and mingle with fellow trainees and distinguished professionals in the field. For those unsure of their future career path, it is a fantastic opportunity to socialize with several members who have taken a nontraditional approach to a conventional degree. Below, we have singled out 2 individuals who were generous enough to tell their story of alternative career paths, but there are certainly more. Take the time to search these people out as well as any one of our Society members. They are a tremendous resource to answer your relevant topics such as grant writing, searching for a post-doc position or job, taking alternative career paths, or succeeding in the clinic or laboratory.