Sexuality and disability: A study of the effects of a training program in sexual counseling of the physically disabled upon the knowledge, attitudes and counseling approach of trainees


  • Sally M. Kreger R.N., M.A.

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    • Mrs. Kreger (Russell Sage College, School of Nursing, Troy, New York; M.A., New York University, New York) is a Clinical Specialist in Rehabilitation for Nursing Service, Veterans Administration Hospital, San Diego, California. She has had experience in occupational health and rehabilitation nursing. Her career and interests encompass sex education and training of health care personnel involved in rehabilitation care of the chronically ill and disabled.

      In a collaborative effort with a large Southern California state endowed university and the Veterans Administration Hospital with which it is affiliated, the author spearheaded and coordinated the first training workshop for professionals in sexual counseling of the disabled to be offered in the San Diego area.