The operation of a hospital based specialty home health team: activities and associated costs


  • Philip R. Fine Ph.D., M.S.P.H.,

  • Sybil R. Better M.S.,

  • Janet L. Engstrand R.N., M.A.

  • This project is supported in part by HEW-OHD-RSA Grants #16-P-5680 7/4–11, and HEW-OHD-RSA ORD-RD-13-P-5586 2/4–05.


Since 1972 a hospital based specialty home health team consisting of a Registered Nurse, a Registered Physical Therapist, and a Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor has been serving spinal cord injury patients hospitalized previously in a University affiliated Rehabilitation Center. This paper presents the preliminary findings resulting from a study examining the appropriateness, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency of this unique rehabilitation facility service component.