Predictors of Self-Acceptance


  • Barbara Brillhart PhD, RN

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    • Barbara Brillhart, PhD RN, is an assistant professor at the University of Texas in Arlington, TX. She has taught rehabilitation to graduate students for the past three years. Her PhD is in nursing.


Self-acceptance has been identified as a key element in successful rehabilitation of physically disabled adults. This study sought to identify factors that contributed to self-acceptance. Four factors were investigated as predictors of self-acceptance. Using the multiple regression statistics, the study found that knowledge of disability and perceived physical ability comprised a significant portion of the variance of self-acceptance. The Spearman Rank Correlation Coefficent Analysis indicated that both factors have a significant correlation to self-acceptance. The other factors, interpersonal support and self-care, did not form a significant portion of the variance in self-acceptance. They also did not have a significant correlation with self-acceptance.