Prediction of Marital Adjustment Among Spinal Cord Injured Persons


Sparks Center, 1720 Seventh Avenue South, Birmingham, AL 35233.


Predictors of positive marital adjustment among spinal cord injured persons were examined. Twenty couples in which one spouse sustained a spinal cord injury were administered the Marital Activities Inventory (MAI), the Sexual Interaction Inventory (SII), the Areas of Change Questionnaire (A-C), and the Locke-Wallace Short Marital Adjustment Test (SMAT). Results were analyzed using stepwise multiple regression analyses for both husbands' and wives' SMAT scores. Results indicated that for both husbands and wives, the number of recreational and social activities engaged in with others was the strongest predictor of positive marital adjustment. Further, little relationship was found between sexual satisfaction and marital adjustment. The findings were discussed as they apply to rehabilitation nursing practice.