Traditionally, the evaluative and therapeutic aspects of rehabilitation have been carefully planned, executed, and documented by the interdisciplinary team. However, the client education aspects of rehabilitation have been less well defined, poorly delegated among the disciplines, and rarely documented. An example of how educational activities can be incorporated into a client's rehabilitation program is presented. A sample instrument, the Pulmonary Rehabilitation Checklist, was developed to document client teaching related to chronic lung disease, with a format that can be adapted to meet the teaching needs of any client population. The many purposes served by the checklist are discussed: (a) It permits client and staff to select mutually appropriate goals; (b) it lists the learning objectives according to the discipline responsible for the teaching; (c) it centralizes the documentation of client teaching activities carried out by a variety of disciplines; and (d) it provides a means for the client and the rehabilitation team to assess at a glance progress toward achieving goals.