A Bladder Scan Trial in Geriatric Rehabilitation


  • Barbara Resnick MSN RN CRNP

    Corresponding author
      5435 Watercress Place, Columbia, MD 21045.
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    • Barbara Resnick is a geriatric nurse practitioner in the Department of Family Practice at the University of Maryland in Baltimore.

5435 Watercress Place, Columbia, MD 21045.


Urinary incontinence is a major problem in older adults. Research suggests that the key to successful management of urinary incontinence is careful evaluation. In recent years, bladder ultrasonography has become widely used in rehabilitation and outpatient settings. A pilot study was initiated to evaluate the effectiveness of bladder ultrasound scanning in the assessment and treatment of urinary incontinence. The study took place in two rehabilitation units of a small orthopedic hospital. The study found that the bladder scanner enables nurses to do a complete assessment of bladder function without the need for invasive catheterization.