Nursing Management of Pressure Ulcers Using a Hydrogel Dressing Protocol: Four Case Studies


Parkwood Hospital, 801 Commissioners Road East, London, ON N6C 5J1, Canada


People with spinal cord injury (SCI) are at risk for developing pressure ulcers throughout their lives. Pressure ulcers can lead to significant morbidity, prolonged hospitalization, and diminished quality of life. Rehabilitation nurses play a vital role in preventing and treating pressure ulcers in these clients. In this article, the authors describe four case studies of clients with SCI who have pressure ulcers and discuss the implementation and outcome of a nursing management protocol based on the use of hydrogel dressings. These dressings have been found to promote wound healing, protect against contamination and infection, and reduce pain. They also are usually acceptable to the client and are cost-effective. Hydrogel dressings should be considered as one component of an individualized plan of care for the development of pressure ulcers.