Effects of a Multimodal Pain Rehabilitation Program: A Pilot Study


School of Nursing, University of Southern Maine, 96 Falmouth Street, Portland, ME 04103


The purpose of this pilot study was to examine the effects of a multimodal pain rehabilitation program on pain perceptions, opioid usage, activity, down time, sleep, and role function status of 23 chronic pain patients. Data were collected at the start of the program, at the program's completion, and again during a follow-up period (3–11 months afterwards). At the end of the program, patients reported a significant reduction in pain levels, opioid usage, and hours of disturbed sleep. During the follow-up period, patients continued to report significant improvements in activity and role functions as well as significant reductions in opioid usage, sleep disturbance, and down time. These findings provided encouraging preliminary evidence that multimodal pain rehabilitation programs for chronic pain patients may be effective in pain management and functional restoration.