Maximal oxygen consumption (VO2MAX) is an independent variable that predicts outcomes in patients suffering from left ventricular dysfunction (LVD). Determining VO2MAX in a rehabilitation setting is not only costly and time-consuming but it would also be beyond many patients' physical abilities. This study's goal was to show that a simpler and less costly 6-minute walk test can predict mortality in patients with LVD. Sixty-six Phase 1 cardiac rehabilitation patients with LVD performed the 6-minute walk test upon admission and at discharge from a rehabilitation hospital. Upon discharge, the group that was able to walk significantly longer distances upon discharge had a higher survival rate 3 months after discharge. The 6-minute walk test can predict longer survival in patients with LVD and can provide valuable information for determining treatment plans, future prognosis, and home disposition of deconditioned LVD patients in a rehabilitation setting.