• neurological rehabilitation;
  • perceptions of nursing roles;
  • interdisciplinary teamwork;
  • quality of care

The role of the nursing profession in the multidisciplinary specialty of neurological rehabilitation has not been clearly defined in the United Kingdom. A qualitative exploratory study was performed in a highly specialized neurological rehabilitation unit. Nine registered nurses having at least 1 year of experience in this setting were interviewed in a semistructured manner. Transcripts of the interviews were subjected to a theme analysis. Three main themes emerged in relation to the role of the nurse. The first theme referred to actions directly related to patient care. This theme included four concepts: the promotion of patient independence, routine tasks, the management of patient care, and counseling. The second theme involved the organizational issues that influence practice. Nurse opinions and views of their roles formed the third theme. The subjects' views identified skills specific to neurological rehabilitation nursing and areas for further exploration.