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Creating a Rehabilitative Milieu


  • Julie Pryor MN BA RN CM MRCNA

    Coordinator, Corresponding author
    1. Master of Nursing (disability and rehabilitation) at the University of Western Sydney Nepean
    2. Rehabilitation Nursing Research and Development Unit at the Royal Rehabilitation Centre Sydney
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RNR & DU Royal Rehabilitation Centre Sydney, PO Box 6, Ryde, NSW 2112, Australia, e-mail


Although rehabilitation is a complex process, only some of the factors that contribute to this process and its outcome have been identified and developed in the literature. This article briefly discusses the nature of and proposes a working definition of rehabilitation, then explores the variety of factors that may contribute to the total setting in which people attempt to rehabilitate themselves. The creation of a rehabilitative milieu—an environment that can enhance the process and the outcome of rehabilitation—is proposed as a new focus for the healthcare team. In addition, the pivotal nature of nursing's contribution to the creation of a rehabilitative milieu is highlighted.