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Spinal Cord Injured Women's Views of Sexuality: A Norwegian Survey


  • Karen Lysberg MNSc RN RNT,

    Lecturer, Corresponding author
    1. Hedmark University College, Faculty of Health Studies, Norway.
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  • Elisabeth Severinsson PhD MNSc RPN RNT

    Associate Professor, Professor
    1. Mental Health Nursing at Hedmark University College, Faculty of Health Studies
    2. University of Oslo, Institute of Nursing Science in Oslo, Norway.
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Amalienborg, N-2560 Alvdal, Norway or e-mail:


The purpose of this study was to learn the views of women with spinal cord injuries (SCI) about their sexual life 1 or more years after the trauma. Based on a descriptive survey design, data were collected through a self-administered questionnaire completed by 48 women. The data were analyzed with descriptive statistics. The results show that most of the respondents had been injured 10 or more years. More than 50% were sexually active before the trauma. Fifty percent of the respondents reported that their views on sexuality had not changed as a result of the trauma. Twenty-one percent reported that sexuality was less important to them after the trauma. There is a need for studies of possible nursing interventions that will influence SCI women to recognize both their need for, and their right to, a satisfactory sexual life.