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Families Dealing with Stroke Desire Information about Self-Care Needs


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As hospital lengths of stay have decreased, healthcare professionals have less opportunity to fully educate stroke patients and their families regarding self-care before the patient is discharged home. Consequently, families often need continuing education provided to them in outpatient settings. The purpose of this study was to identify the self-care needs about which people dealing with stroke most frequently want information. Twenty-four people responded to a survey that listed 48 self-care needs structured within Orem's universal self-care requisites (USCRs). The top five self-care needs about which information was desired were: preventing falls; maintaining adequate nutrition; staying active; managing stress; and dealing with emotional and mood changes. These needs correlated with several of Orem's USCRs. By keeping these needs in mind, healthcare professionals can develop better educational materials and provide more pertinent information to stroke patients and their families during homecare or office visits, support group meetings, or via the Internet.