Strategies to Reduce Risk of Fall-Related Injuries in Rehabilitation Nursing



Rehabilitation nurses are in a critical position to lead interdisciplinary team fall prevention management, including injury risk reduction. This article provides an update for rehabilitation nurses on evidence-based strategies to reduce patients' risk of fall-related injuries. This content builds on existing literature by focusing on knowledge to promote patient responses that reduce the risk of falls and ultimately fall-related injuries. Although rehabilitation nurses understand the complex nature of falls, addressing the intrinsic and extrinsic risk factors that increase the risk of fall-related injuries requires both individually based treatment programs and a system-wide commitment. A plethora of literature discusses fall risks and falls, but this article profiles the at-risk patient and describes current and emerging evidence-based interventions to protect patients from fall-related injuries by reducing risk factors. This discussion is limited to exercise, environmental redesign, osteoporosis prevention, and hip protectors.