Evidence-Based Practice in Rehabilitation Nursing


  • Linda L. Pierce PhD RN CNS CRRN FAHA

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    • Linda L. Pierce, PhD RN CNS CRRN FAHA, is a professor at The University of Toledo.

University of Toledo, College of Nursing, Health Science Campus, 3000 Arlington Avenue, Toledo, OH 43614-2598 or l.pierce@utoledo.edu.


How to use research is a learned skill. With this skill rehabilitation nurses can help ensure that their practice is based on the best evidence available. Evidence-based practice is a balance of using external research-based clinical evidence and clinical expertise. The purpose of this article is to show rehabilitation nurses how to build the skills for using evidence, rather than just doing research. This involves asking questions, finding and appraising relevant data, and putting that information into everyday practice. When evidence-based practice is merged into a clinician's daily routine, the result is a more analytical and, ultimately, effective clinical practice.