• cognitive rehabilitation;
  • interdisciplinary;
  • self-medication;
  • stroke

Rehabilitation programs strive to help patients become more independent in all aspects of daily living. Therefore, management of a patient's healthcare requirements should be an integral part of the rehabilitation program, including management of medications. Some rehabilitation programs implement self-medication programs (SMP); however, patients with cognitive deficits are often excluded. This study explored whether patients with cognitive deficits due to stroke could successfully complete an SMP using an interdisciplinary cognitive rehabilitation approach. Twenty-seven stroke patients and 36 debilitated patients with cognitive deficits participated in an SMP. A nurse and a pharmacist educated patients on their medications, and a speech-language pathologist provided cognitive rehabilitation to the stroke patients, which incorporated information from the SMP. Eighty-one percent of the stroke patients successfully completed the SMP, compared to 36% of the debilitated patients. Thus, an interdisciplinary approach to medication management for cognitively impaired stroke patients holds promise.