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Implementation of the Comprehensive Assessment Toolbox for Stroke in a Medical System



The need for outcome assessment in stroke management is a critical part of specialized stroke unit development. The Comprehensive Assessment Toolbox for Stroke was developed for this reason. This study describes the implementation of the Toolbox across a medical system as part of a stroke center of excellence. Toolbox data were collected from 2002 to 2004. Demographic data were analyzed. Patients were categorized by stroke severity. Outcome assessment tools were compared via paired sample t tests. Also, data were analyzed using multivariate methods followed by univariate analysis of variance. Patients improved in outcomes from admission through their hospital stays. Clinically significant improvements were made in the mild and moderately affected groups. The severe stroke group improved the least. Tracking patient outcomes in a consistent way helps with program assessment and comparison. Patients leave rehabilitation at a dependent level in many functional areas.