The article “Culturally Competent Care Complements Interaction with People with Disabilities,” published in the May/June issue of Rehabilitation Nursing, has the following corrections:

  • ReferencesKotch, M. J. (2003). The many faces of diversity: Providing culturally competent competent care to individuals with disabilities. Vallejo, CA: Kaiser Foundation Rehabilitation Center.Kaiser Foundation Rehabilitation Center, Kaiser Permanente National Diversity Council, and Kaiser Permanente National Diversity Department. (2004). A provider's handbook on culturally competent care. Oakland, CA: Kaiser Permanente Press.
  • Throughout the manuscript, references to the author Koch should have been Kotch (2003).

In the article “Comparing Perceived Burden for Korean and American Informal Caregivers of Stroke Survivors,” published in the July/August issue of Rehabilitation Nursing, the Seoul research was supported in part by the Research Institute of Nursing science, Seoul National University, a grant from Korea Research Foundation, KRF-2007-E00560. The University of Washington study was supported by a grant from the National Institutes of Health, National Institute of Nursing Research, R01 NR07755, and is registered as a clinical trial with (www.clinicaltrials.govctshowNCT00194454order1).