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Aphasia Bill of Rights


  • John Liechty

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    • John Liechty, MSW, works as a housekeeper at Oaklawn Psychiatric Hospital. He has been active as an advisory board member and volunteer with National Aphasia Association and helped form the Goshen, IN, Community Aphasia Support Group. Since 2000, he has presented to regional and national health-related organizations about aphasia. More recently, working with several collaborators, he has published articles about aphasia in a variety of journals and periodicals. John received the 2009 Aphasia Advocacy Award from National Aphasia Association in recognition of his speaking and writing on behalf of people with aphasia. He was assisted by Donald Garber, a freelance writer and editor.


The author, who has lived with aphasia for more than 30 years, offers a personal perspective on the “Aphasia Bill of Rights,” adopted by the National Aphasia Association Board of Directors.

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