The Mauk Model for Poststroke Recovery: Assessing the Phases



Despite the estimated 795,000 strokes occurring in America annually (American Heart Association, 2009), few practical models guide nurses when they provide quality care to stroke survivors. The Mauk Model for Poststroke Recovery is a theoretical framework concerning six phases of poststroke recovery. The purpose of this article is to discuss a pilot study detailing the ways in which nursing students used the Mauk model to identify these phases of stroke recovery via patient case examples. A sample of 30 volunteer nursing students read five case studies and determined the phase of stroke recovery. Descriptive statistics about sample characteristics and frequencies were calculated using SPSS 14 for Windows. Nearly 57% (n = 17) of the students rated all of the case studies to the correct phase. Ways in which the model might be clarified and used as a valuable tool when assessing the phase of stroke recovery are described.