• Beth Davis-Sramek Ph.D.,

    1. University of Louisville
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    • Beth Davis-Sramek (Ph.D., University of Tennessee) is an Assistant Professor at the University of Louisville in Marketing. Her research interests include supply chain relationships, the strategic implications of logistics capabilities, and the effect of logistics service quality in creating customer loyalty. Prior to pursuing the Ph.D., she worked in the financial services industry as both an analyst in new product development and as a field sales representative.

  • Brian S. Fugate Ph.D.

    1. Lehigh University
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    • Brian S. Fugate (Ph.D., University of Tennessee) is an Assistant Professor of Logistics in the Department of Management at Lehigh University. His research interests include the nature of logistics and market orientation, logisticians as boundary spanners, and supply chain coordination. His research has appeared in the Journal of Business Logistics, international Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management, supply chain Management Review, and several conference proceedings. Prior to pursuing the Ph.D., Brian worked in logistics and industrial engineering at John Deere, Allied Signal, and Delta Airlines.


Mentzer and Kahn (1994) advocated that the Journal of Business Logistics (JBL) needed to mature. As a follow-up to that study, the authors analyzed the Journal from the second half of 1993 through the first issue of 2005. Though the study results suggest that more rigorous research has been conducted over the last decade in the field of logistics, did it improve the Journal? Are the standards and criteria put forth in Mentzer and Kahn (1994) the standards and criteria toward which JBL should strive? To address these questions, qualitative interviews were conducted with visionaries in the field of logistics to: (1) investigate the standards and criteria that should be used to gauge the maturity of JBL and (2) determine the future direction of JBL and the discipline.