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  • Photis M. Panayides Ph.D.

    1. Cyprus International Institute of Management
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    • Photis M. Panayides (Ph.D. University of Plymouth) is Associate Professor, Chair of Marketing at the Cyprus International Institute of Management. His current research interests include third-party logistics relationships, global supply chain integration, logistics strategy and effects on corporate and supply chain performance. He has published more than 20 papers in various journals including, Transportation Research E, Industrial Marketing Management, The International Journal of Logistics, Transport Reviews. He has authored three books and has presented more than 30 papers in international peer-reviewed conferences.


Logistics service providers operate in an intense competitive environment that requires continuous improvement in logistics service quality and firm performance. Key organizational resources may contribute toward the improvement in performance of logistics service providers. This paper investigates the effect of organizational learning within logistics service providers on client relationship orientation, logistics service quality and firm performance. The study proposes and examines an original concept in logistics research that contributes to theory in the area, provides the opportunity for further research and addresses how organizational resources can contribute to performance in logistics.

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