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  • Daniel J. Flint Ph.D.,

    1. University of Tennessee
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    • Daniel J. Flint (Ph.D. University of Tennessee) is the Proffitt's Inc. Professor of Marketing and Associate Professor in The Department of Marketing and Logistics and Director, Marketing PhD Program at The University of Tennessee, Knoxville. He has an engineering degree from Annapolis and is well published in both marketing and logistics journals including The Journal of Marketing and the Journal of Business Logistics. Dr. Flint's expertise is in customer value management and logistics innovation.

  • Everth Larsson Ph.D.,

    1. Lund University
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    • Everth Larsson (Ph.D. Lund University) is Associate Professor and Head of Division of Engineering Logistics at Lund University, Department of Industrial Management and Logistics, Lund, Sweden. He also has earned his degrees as Licentiate of Engineering and Ph.D. at Lund University. His current research is in the areas of process based business development and logistics innovation and is the main supervisor of several Ph.D. students. In addition to journal articles and research reports, he has co-authored a book on process based business development and been co-developer of Internet-based courses in this and other areas. He has held academic leadership positions such as Vice Dean at the School of Mechanical Engineering and on a variety of boards. Dr. Larsson remains active in numerous international research networks and professional societies.

  • Britta Gammelgaard Ph.D.

    1. Copenhagen Business School
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    • Britta Gammelgaard (Ph.D. Copenhagen Business School) is Associate Professor of Logistics and Supply Chain Management at Copenhagen Business School. Among her main research interests are logistics innovation and trends and developments of the logistics industry. Dr. Gammelgaard's work has published in international journals, such as Journal of Business Logistics, International Journal of Physical Distribution and Logistics Management, and Transportation Journal. She is a member of the Editorial Board of JBL and Associate Editor of Journal of Supply Chain Management.


This paper reports results from a study designed to assess the extent to which firms across industries and several countries lay the groundwork for and use customer value insight, supply chain learning, and innovation processes. The cross-sectional study serves as an exploration of the theoretical relationships among these activities and their impact on perceptions of organizational performance. Through an international survey study drawing on samples from the U.S., Sweden and Denmark, the authors find support for the notions that supply chain learning and innovation processes are driven by processes aimed at studying changes in customer value and contribute to perceptions of superior organizational performance. These findings have significant implications for logistics and supply chain management.