Adlerian Lifestyle, Stress Coping, and Career Adaptability: Relationships and Dimensions


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In the new millennium, workers are vested with the responsibility of managing their own careers. Additionally, workers are expected to engage in the continual development of skills applicable across various work environments. With this need for continual development come frequent work transitions and the need for building career adaptability. Stress can ensue from this constant need to update skills and transition to new work environments. The purpose of this study was to explore relationships among Adlerian lifestyle attributes, stress coping, and career adaptability. Canonical correlation was used to explore the relationships among these variables. The results indicated that 3 dimensions were significant and interpretable: socially attuned, compliant, and impassive. The results partially support the hypothesis that high feelings of belongingness are associated with high coping resources. However, the results also highlight that a high need for acceptance from others and for following social norms may impede the development of career adaptability.