• plasma display;
  • ultra-thin glass;
  • flexible;
  • vacuum in-line sealing


An ultra-thin shadow mask plasma display panel is put forward to meet the market demands of a much thinner, lighter and flexible display. Thanks to the ultra-thin 70μm thick glass, a special vacuum in-line sealing technology could be used to fabricate the novel device without a pumping tube. The sealed panel is only 300μm thick. The sealing characteristics and the discharge characteristics are investigated. The experimental results indicate that a high ratio of Xe in the gas mixture can be used, thereby improving the performance of the ultra-thin SMPDP. In future applications AF32 type of foil glass will be used with a dielectric constant of 5.1. In addition a sealing temperature of 600 °C or higher will enable to exploit the full benefits of MgCaO protective layer. The ultra-thin panel is well suited both for a double-sided display and for 3D-display.