P.155L: Late-News Poster: Surface Monolayer Stabilized Vertically Aligned Liquid Crystals for Display Applications



The surface monolayer stabilized vertically aligned liquid crystal (VA-LC) mode is presented for television applications. Photo-reactive self-assembled monolayer (PR-SAM) is formed on inorganic oxide surfaces. The SAM layer on oxide surfaces initially induce a homeotropic alignment of nematic LCs. Subsequent polymerization of the photo-reactive SAM under applied electric field efficiently stabilizes LC alignment and induces a stable pretilt of LC molecules for four different directions in each pixel of the fishbone-patterned VA-cells. As results, improved electro-optic characteristics, such as faster grey-to-grey response time, lower threshold voltage and enhanced brightness, are obtained after the polymerization-induced stabilization of the photo-reactive SAM.