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Increasing instructional efficiency by presenting additional stimuli in learning trials for children with autism spectrum disorders


  • We thank Elizabeth Bullington, Regina Carroll, Andrea Clements, Lindsey Loutsch, Laura Mulford, Melissa Nissen, Carissa Nohr, and Jessi Sexton for their assistance with various aspects of data collection.


The current study examined the effectiveness and efficiency of presenting secondary targets within learning trials for 4 children with an autism spectrum disorder. Specifically, we compared 4 instructional conditions using a progressive prompt delay. In 3 conditions, we presented secondary targets in the antecedent or consequence portion of learning trials, or in the absence of prompts and reinforcement. In the fourth condition (control), we did not include secondary targets in learning trials. Results replicate and extend previous research by demonstrating that the majority of participants acquired secondary targets presented in the antecedent and consequent events of learning trials.