Induction and transfer of resistance to poisoning by Amorimia (Mascagnia) septentrionalis in goats



Amorimia septentrionalis contains sodium monofluoroactetate (MFA) and can cause acute heart failure in ruminants when ingested in toxic doses. In this study, we demonstrate that resistance to poisoning by A. septentrionalis can be improved in goats by the repeated administration of non-toxic doses of A. septentrionalis. We also show that increased resistance to poisoning by A. septentrionalis can also be achieved by the transfaunation of ruminal content from goats previously conditioned to be resistant to naïve goats. These methods of improving resistance require further study, but appear to provide potential management solutions to mitigate toxicity problems from A. septentrionalis, and perhaps other plant species containing MFA. Copyright © 2013 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd.