The mandibular staple implant for the atrophic mandible



The mandibular staple is an endosseous implant that will permit the attachment of a lower deture in cases of severe alveolar bone atrophy. It is placed through a submental incision and inserted into seven parallel holes drilled into the mandible. A curved bar containing seven pins is inserted in the holes and is place against the inferior border of the mandibular symphysis. The two lateral most pins project into the mouth and the five retentive pins remain completely buried in bone. Two fasteners are screwed down on the threading of the intraoral pins. Later a bridge containing Dalbo attachments is cemented to the fasteners which allow attachment to a lower denture. A series of 25 patients have been completed with 20 successful patients for survival rate of 80%. The longest case has been in for five years and the average case has been in for 3 years. Stainless steel, titanium and ceramic coated titanium has been with apparently equal success. Patient acceptance has been excellent.