Quantitative measurement of telomerase activity and localization of its catalytic subunit (hTERT) in chronic inflammation of capsule formation around various model implants and in sarcomas in a rat model



Telomerase is upregulated in some preneoplastic lesions and overexpressed in the majority of malignant tumors, but absent in most nonneoplastic somatic tissues. We analyzed telomerase activity using TRAP-assay in capsule tissues in a rat model with chronic inflammation and in tumor, and visualized the catalytic subunit of telomerase (hTERT) by immunhistochemistry. Significant elevated telomerase activity was found in tumor tissue compared with nonneoplastic tissue (p = 0.047). Cases with a strong inflammation in capsule tissue showed a specific telomerase activity. In these cases, there were no significant differences in telomerase activities compared with malignant tumor tissue. We demonstrate elevated telomerase activity and its diagnostic limits around model implants in a rat model, and visualize its expression not only in malignant tissue but also in inflammatory cells. So the quantitative measurement of telomerase activity should not be applied in general as a marker for malignancy in capsule tissue. © 2007 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. J Biomed Mater Res, 2008