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jbmb33056-sup-0001-suppinfo.docx14KSupporting Table 1: Overview of lamb parameters, details of surgery and sacrifice
jbmb33056-sup-0002-suppinfo.tif30241KSupporting Figure 1. X-ray pictures of implantation site before (A) and after (B) surgery, and at 4 weeks (C), with control (D). Results were comparable before and after surgery, as well as at 4 weeks after implantation for experimental groups and controls.
jbmb33056-sup-0003-suppinfo.tif66881KSupporting Figure 2. Macroscopical view of construct (A-G) and control diaphragm (H), 4 weeks after implantation, thoracic (A-D) or abdominal view (E-G). (A+B, E-G): Col-Vicryl scaffold, (C+D): Col-Vicryl-IGF1 scaffold, (H): control diaphragm (tendinomuscular part). White arrows point at blood vessels covering the thoracic site of the scaffold in B-D. In (B+D), bulging of the implantation site into the thoracic cavity can be observed. Note the central whitish part in (A-D). (E) shows the abdominal view of the implantation site in (A), after removal of the adhesion with omentum and spleen, visible in (F) (black arrow). Omental attachment can also be observed in (G). A part of a control diaphragm (tendinomuscular part) is shown in (H). M: muscle, O: omentum, S: spleen, T: tendon. Scale bar is in cm.
jbmb33056-sup-0004-suppinfo.tif52269KSupporting Figure 3. Microscopical analysis of implanted scaffold at 4 weeks (A-D) after implantation (H/E staining). (A) Collagen and Vicryl fibres from the scaffold were visible at 4 weeks after implantation (Col-Vicryl scaffold). Pores in the collagen from the scaffolds were filled with fibrous tissue and cells, and scant giant cells could be observed (see arrowhead). (B, C) Fibrous tissue was present between original diaphragm and scaffold (B, see asterix), and could also be observed covering the scaffold more centrally (C, see asterix). (D) In one Col-Vicryl-IGF1 animal, muscle cells grew in the direction of the scaffold (arrows). C: Collagen, F: Fat, V: Vicryl. Bar represents 200 µm.
jbmb33056-sup-0005-suppinfo.docx16KSupporting Information

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