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jbmr1954-sm-0001-SupFig-S1.pdf1487KSupplement Fig. 1. Generation of the conditional transgenic mice selectively expressing APPswe in a manner dependent on Cre-recombinase. (A) Illustration of the transgene plasmid and the breeding plan. (B) Genotyping results of the transgenic mice. (C) Western blot analysis of APPswe expression in muscle homogenates derived from TgAPPswe-HSA germ-line pups. Note that APPswe expression was induced when HAS-Cre was present. The founder line #3 was chosen for further breeding with Ocn-Cre to generate TgAPPswe-Ocn mice. (D) Images of the Tg(flox)APPswe and TgAPPswe-Ocn mice. (E) Reduced body weight was detected in TgAPPswe-Ocn mice.
jbmr1954-sm-0002-SupFig-S2.jpg478KSupplement Fig. 2. Expression of endogenous APP and APPswe in BMSCs. (A) A representative phase contrast image of purified BMSCs from 18-month old mice (C57BL/6). (B) Western blot analysis for endogenous APP expression in indicated aged BMSCs using indicated antibodies. (C) Western blot analysis for APP and APPswe expression in BMSCs and BMMs derived from control and TgAPPswe-Ocn mice (at age of 3-month old).

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