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jbmr2087-sm-0001-SuppFigure-S1.tif5202KFigure S1. Tamoxifen-induced lacZ expression was determined in Col2-CreERT2;R26R mice and Cre-negative control mice. Two-month-old mice were injected intraperitoneally with tamoxifen daily for continuous 5 days. Mice were killed one month later, and knee joints free of soft tissue were split and fixed, stained with X-gal, decalcified and embedded in paraffin. No positive X-gal staining in osteoblast lineage was observed in Cre-negative Rosa26R mice (A). X-gal positive staining in growth plates (B), articular chondrocytes (C) and osteoblast lineage on trabecular bone (D) but not cortical bone (E) were observed in Col2-CreERT2;R26R mice.
jbmr2087-sm-0002-SuppFigure-S2.tif2079KFigure S2. Reticulin staining showed no fibrosis in tibiae from Vhl cKO mice at age of 4 months after 2 months tamoxifen treatment. Original magnification, ×100.
jbmr2087-sm-0003-SuppFigure-S3.tif905KFigure S3. Serum osteocalcin level was significantly increased in Vhl cKO mice compared to that in Cre-negative control mice. **p < 0.001.

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