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Table S1. Representative biochemical findings before and during bisphosphonate treatment.

jbmr2094-sm-0002-SuppFig-S1.tif3272KFig. S1. AP (A) and lateral (B) radiographs of the chin at age 20 years, and coronal (C) and 3-D image CTs (D, E) at ages 23 and 26, respectively, demonstrate further the large osteosclerotic mass protruding from the mandible.
jbmr2094-sm-0003-SuppFig-S2.tif2402KFig. S2. CT of the face, after debulking of the maxillary and mandibular tumors, shows orbital and maxillary sinus distortion by the osteoblastic mass in coronal (A) and sagittal (B) projections.
jbmr2094-sm-0004-SuppFig-S3.tif2826KFig. S3. Chest radiograph (A) and CT (B) at age 31 years show a bell-shaped thorax with wide deformed clavicles and ribs. The humeri have thick corticies and large medullary cavities filled with fat documented on the CT. There is a right pleural effusion.

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