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Supplemental Fig. 1S Optically measured tibial surface strains (measured on the anterior-posterior surface 25–50% distal from the proximal end) as a function of the axially applied loads. No significant difference in the mean compliance of the tibiae was detected between the 8–9 month-old CTL and perlecan-deficient (Hypo) mice (CTL: y = 101.9x, R2 = 0.93; Hypo: y = 96.1x, R2 = 0.99). Thus, the same 3N peak load was applied to both genotypes during FRAP experiments.

Supplemental Table 1S Results of µCT imaging, mechanical testing, and dynamic bone labeling analysis at the tibial mid-diaphysis of 3.5 month-old CTL and Hypo mice

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