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Endothelin-1 induces proliferation of human lung fibroblasts and IL-11 secretion through an ETA receptor-dependent activation of map kinases


  • Luca Gallelli and Girolamo Pelaia authors contributed equally to the work presented in this article.


Endothelin-1 (ET-1) is implicated in the fibrotic responses characterizing interstitial lung diseases, as well as in the airway remodeling process occurring in asthma. Within such a context, the aim of our study was to investigate, in primary cultures of normal human lung fibroblasts (NHLFs), the ET-1 receptor subtypes, and the intracellular signal transduction pathways involved in the proliferative effects of this peptide. Therefore, cells were exposed to ET-1 in the presence or absence of an overnight pre-treatment with either ETA or ETB selective receptor antagonists. After cell lysis, immunoblotting was performed using monoclonal antibodies against the phosphorylated, active forms of mitogen-activated protein kinases (MAPK). ET-1 induced a significant increase in MAPK phosphorylation pattern, and also stimulated fibroblast proliferation and IL-6/IL-11 release into cell culture supernatants. All these effects were inhibited by the selective ETA antagonist BQ-123, but not by the specific ETB antagonist BQ-788. The stimulatory influence of ET-1 on IL-11, but not on IL-6 secretion, was prevented by MAPK inhibitors. Therefore, such results suggest that in human lung fibroblasts ET-1 exerts a profibrogenic action via an ETA receptor-dependent, MAPK-mediated induction of IL-11 release and cell proliferation. © 2005 Wiley-Liss, Inc.