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Evidence for the existence of satellite DNA-containing connection between metaphase chromosomes



Physical connections between mitotic chromosomes have been reported previously. It was assumed that the interchromosome connection was based on the DNA-protein thread. However, the data about DNA sequences and protein component in the thread is fragmentary. We demonstrated on the mouse cultured cell line and prematurely condensed chromosomes that: (a) all four mouse satellite DNA fragments (major and minor satellite, mouse satellite 3 (MS3) and mouse satellite 4 (MS4)) were involved in the thread formation; (b) MS4 was involved in the thread to the least extent among all the other fragments; (c) telomere was never a member of the thread; (d) the thread was synthesized at a late G2 phase; (e) RNA helicase p68 and CENP-B were among the protein components of the interchromosome connection. It was shown by FACS analysis that in mouse and human cell lines: (1) the flow karyotype spectrums were never free from chromosome aggregates; (2) chromosome association did not depend on the chromosome length and each chromosome was free to associate with the other. J. Cell. Biochem. 101: 1046–1061, 2007. © 2007 Wiley-Liss, Inc.