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jcb_24254_sm_SupplFigS1.tif4250KSupplementary Figure S1. Representative iTRAQ-coupled 2-D LC-MS/MS spectrum for one of the peptides from Nap1∣1 showing GIPEFWLTVFK, a doubly charged peptide with precursor m/z = 812.4593 and iTRAQ tags labeled at N-terminal and lysine.
jcb_24254_sm_SupplFigS2.tif27224KSupplementary Figure S2. Proteins interaction network. STRING (version 9.0) was used to visualize functional links among differentially expressed proteins based on the active prediction methods “Neighborhood”, “Gene Fusion”, “Co-occurrence”, “Co-expression”, “Experiments”, “Databases” and “Textmining”, where associations are represented by different color lines.
jcb_24254_sm_SupplTabS1.doc38KSupplementary Table S1. List of Primers Sequences Used For qRT-PCR
jcb_24254_sm_SupplTabS2.doc208KSupplementary Table S2. Differentially Expressed Proteins in the Process of P19CL6 Cells Differentiation into Cardiomyocytes.
jcb_24254_sm_SupplData.xls726KSupplementary Data
jcb_24254_sm_SupplVideo1.avi4126KSupplementary Video 1
jcb_24254_sm_SupplVideo2.avi10637KSupplementary Video 2

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