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jcb_24304_sm_SupplData1.tif53KSupplementary Data 1. Real-time PCR analysis of XIAP in normal and pre-eclampsia placentas. Target gene expression was normalized to that of an internal reference, GAPDH. All reactions were performed in triplicate and the values are expressed as the means ± SD. *Depicts significant differences between normal and 2nd pre-eclampsia (P < 0.05). The ANOVA procedure t TEST (LSD) for value (*: p value<0.05)
jcb_24304_sm_SupplData2.tif135KSupplementary Data 2. Supplement data 2. Cell cycle analysis in HTR-8/Svneo according to siRNA-XIAP treatment using FACS analysis. To analyze the cell cycle, HTR-8/Svneo was treated with siRNA-XIAP for 24h. The frequencies of cells in each phase of the cell cycle are indicated as percentages (%).

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