Journal of Cellular Biochemistry

Journal of Cellular Biochemistry: Volume 114, Number 9, September, 2013


Cover: Images on the left: A novel mitochondrial regulatory complex with a role in SXR signaling: The TERE1(UBIAD1) prenyltransferase (green), interacts and co-localizes with the TBL2 protein (yellow, and red, middle rows, respectively). Localization was confirmed with the mitochondrial marker protein, OXPHOS IV (yellow, top, and red, bottom). Cell nuclei in T24 bladder cancer cells were counterstained with Hoechst 33258 (blue). See article by Fredericks et al on page 2170. Image on the right is the demonstration of S-glutathionylation in epithelial cells treated with the death inducing ligand, FasL. Cells were subjected to glutaredoxin-based cysteine derivatization, in order to reveal S-glutathionylation, as described by Janssen-Heininger et al. Green: S-Glutathionylated proteins, Red: Fas, Blue: nucleus, Yellow: merged image indicating co-localization of Fas and S-glutathionylation. Please see article by Janeseen-Heininger et al on page 1962.