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jcb24629-sm-0001-SuppFig-S1.tif692KFig. S1. rhCCL21 activated downstream signalings in prostate cancer cells in vitro. Cellular extracts were prepared followed by blotting for phosphorylated Akt (Ser 473), total Akt, phosphorylated-IκBα and total IκBα. The relative expression ratios of p-Akt/Akt and p-IκBα/IκBα were determined by densitometry. Western blotting demonstrated that rhCCL21 induced the elevation of p-Akt/Akt and p-IκBα/IκBα levels in CWR/CCR7 cells. Data shown are representative of at least three independent replicates. Error bars represent standard deviation (*P < 0.05, **P < 0.01).

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