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jcb24692-sm-0001-SuppFigS1.eps8208KFig. S1. Previously reported PAH mutations identified in this study. For each mutation, electropherogram showing the mutant sequence is on the left and for the normal sequence is on the right; each mutation is indicated by an arrow in the electropherogram for the mutant sequence except for the c.358delT and c.558_559delAT mutations where the deleted nucleotides are indicated by an arrow and by a horizontal line, respectively, in the electropherogram for the normal sequence.
jcb24692-sm-0001-SuppFigS2.doc33KFig. S2. Multiple sequence alignment (MSA) of human PAH with homologues from other species. The MSA was performed as described in the Materials and Methods section. Each mutated residue is indicated by an arrow. The homologues are as follows: gi|4557819|ref|NP_000268.1| Homo sapiens; gi|114646575|ref|XP_001156919.1| Pan troglodytes; gi|332241630|ref|XP_003269981.1| Nomascus leucogenys; gi|355786459|gb|EHH66642.1| Macaca fascicularis; gi|109098481|ref|XP_001094859.1| Macaca mulatta; gi|296212713|ref|XP_002752958.1| Callithrix jacchus; gi|345781140|ref|XP_532671.3| Canis lupis familiaris; gi|301759315|ref|XP_002915501.1| Ailuropoda melanoleuca; gi|149742972|ref|XP_001497778.1| Equus caballus; gi|171543886|ref|NP_032803.2| Mus musculus; gi|129975|sp|P04176.3| Rattus norvegicus; gi|354475067|ref|XP_003499751.1| Cricetulus griseus; gi|291389824|ref|XP_002711342.1| Oryctolagus cunicu; gi|344267654|ref|XP_003405681.1| Loxodonta africana; gi|114051455|ref|NP_001039523.1| Bos taurus; gi|348580699|ref|XP_003476116.1| Cavia porcellus.
jcb24692-sm-0003-SuppData.doc47KSupporting Data

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