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supporting informationFig. S1: Down-regulated miR-365 expression in vascular smooth muscle cells (VSMCs) treated with PDGF-bb and targets cyclin D1 (A) The effects of several miRNAs targeting cyclin D1 in VSMCs treated with PDGF-bb (20 ng/ml) and (B) transfection efficiency of miRs targeting cyclin D1 by realtime PCR. (C) Expression of cyclin D1 after transfection with miRs targeting cyclin D1 in VSMC were detected by western blot analysis. (*P<0.05 vs. control, #<0.05 vs. PDGF-bb-treated VSMCs).

supporting informationFig. S2: Effect of anti-miR-365 in VSMCs (A) Proliferation rate was analyzed by CCK assay after transfection with anti-miR-365 and treatment with PDGF-bb (20 ng/ml). (B,C) Expression of cyclin D1 and PCNA in VSMCs transfected with either N.C or anti-miR-365 were detected by western blot analysis (*P<0.05 vs. control).

supporting informationFig. S3: Effect of anti-miR-365 in migration of VSMCs. Analysis of cell migration as measured by a wound-healing assay. The cells were wounded with a 200 µl pipet tip and wound closure was photographed at 0 hr and 16 hr postwounding. Statistical analysis of the percent of wound closure (*P<0.05 vs. control).

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