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jcp24667-sm-0001-SuppFig-S1.tif114KConserved miRNAs in the spleen of common carp.
jcp24667-sm-0002-SuppTbl-S1.doc34KSupplementary Table S1.
jcp24667-sm-0003-SuppTbl-S2.doc189KSupplementary Table S2.
jcp24667-sm-0004-SuppTbl-S3.doc102KSupplementary Table S3.
jcp24667-sm-0005-SuppTbl-S4.doc184KSupplementary Table S4.
jcp24667-sm-0006-SuppTbl-S5.doc246KSupplementary Table S5.
jcp24667-sm-0007-SuppTbl-S6.doc112KSupplementary Table S6.
jcp24667-sm-0008-SuppTbl-S7.doc276KSupplementary Table S7.
jcp24667-sm-0009-SuppTbl-S8.doc100KSupplementary Table S8.
jcb24843-sm-0010-AdditionalFile-S1.xls628KAdditional File S1. Information of hairpin structures of the conserved miRNAs.
jcb24843-sm-0011-AdditionalFile-S2.xls30KAdditional File S2. Information of hairpin structures of the novel miRNAs.

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