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Fig. S1. Scatter diagrams of SC % versus AAR of Feulgen-stained NIH 3T3 cells. A general decrease in SC % values concomitant with an increase in AAR values is observed for nuclei in cells treated with VPA and TSA for 1 (a), 2 (b), 4 (c), or 24 h (d) in comparison with untreated controls (black dots). A: 0.05 mM VPA, dark blue square dots; (B) 1.0 mM VPA, green lozenge dots; (C) 10 ng/ml TSA, purple square dots; (D) 20 ng/ml TSA, cyanic square dots; (E) 100 ng/ml TSA, yellow square dots; n, 100.


Fig. S2. Fitted line plots for VPA- and TSA-treated NIH 3T3 cells. The relationship between nuclear areas in μm2 and Feulgen-DNA values (IOD) in arbitrary units is shown for different VPA (A–D) and TSA (E–H) concentrations. A,E—1 h; B,F—2 h; C,G—4 h; D, H—24 h; n, 100.


TABLE S1. Condensed Chromatin Area and Chromatin Textural Contrast in NIH 3T3 Cells Treated With Low VPA and TSA Concentrations

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