• valence bond computations;
  • XMVB


An ab initio nonorthogonal valence bond program, called XMVB, is described in this article. The XMVB package uses Heitler–London–Slater–Pauling (HLSP) functions as state functions, and calculations can be performed with either all independent state functions for a molecule or preferably a few selected important state functions. Both our proposed paired-permanent–determinant approach and conventional Slater determinant expansion algorithm are implemented for the evaluation of the Hamiltonian and overlap matrix elements among VB functions. XMVB contains the capabilities of valence bond self-consistent field (VBSCF), breathing orbital valence bond (BOVB), and valence bond configuration interaction (VBCI) computations. The VB orbitals, used to construct VB functions, can be defined flexibly in the calculations depending on particular applications and focused problems, and they may be strictly localized, delocalized, or bonded-distorted (semidelocalized). The parallel version of XMVB based on MPI (Message Passing Interface) is also available. © 2005 Wiley Periodicals, Inc. J Comput Chem 26: 514–521, 2005